Rotator at Odense Marcipan A/S

The Danish manufacturer of marzipan and marzipan-related products, Odense Marcipan A/S focuses on the working conditions and efficiency when moving marzipan… 

Logitrans Rotator moves marzipan…

Odense Marcipan A/S is one of the world's leading marzipan manufacturers and has approx. 160 employees. Working with marzipan is a hard job, and Odense Marcipan A/S therefore uses the Logitrans Rotator in order to ensure the employees optimum working conditions.

"We have bought the Logitrans Rotator due to a need of tilting and emptying VEMAG trolleys with marzipan. The Logitrans Rotator tilts the VEMAG trolleys so that we can easily put the marzipan to the production line. We also use the Logitrans Rotator at the end of the production line when the remaining marzipan has to be carried away in the VEMAG trolleys", says Lars Larsen, Maintenance Master at Odense Marcipan A/S.

In addition to marzipan, Odense Marcipan A/S also produces and markets a range of nougat, chocolate, nuts and almonds. Approx. 60% of the production is exported primarily to the Northern Europe and Scandinavia, but also to distant countries like Japan, USA, China and Australia.

"Together with our large focus on the working conditions of our employees, we want to optimise our production process, so that we achieve the best possible flow and the highest possible efficiency in our production process. The Logitrans Rotator fulfils these objectives in an optimum way", Lars Larsen ends the interview.   

The Logitrans Rotator is an indispensable partner in many companies, in which emptying and filling of boxes, or rotating different items up to 1000 kg, are needed! It puts focus on the working conditions of the operator and makes it possible to tilt crates and boxes so that the operator can reach the contents without stretching and straining the back inconveniently. The Rotator can turn a box 180º to empty it fully.   

In short - the Rotator can save many back problems - and increase the efficiency considerably!

Rotator at Odense Marcipan A/S